Café Niloufer

RGIA, Airport

Catch Your Flight to Flavors

Welcome to a culinary haven amidst your travel journey! Our iconic tea and biscuits have now landed at the Airport, ensuring that your taste buds soar to new heights. So, if you're wondering where to begin your next travel adventure, make Cafe Niloufer's Airport Outlet your first stop!

For More Details: +91 79955 64756 , +91 97053 23635
Café Niloufer


A Niloufer Experience like no other!

Experience Chai, Bun Maska and all your other Niloufer favourites in our largest outlet! Head on over to Himayatnagar for a delightful time with Cafe Niloufer!

For More Details: +91 72079 18522 , +91 91540 86490
Café Niloufer

Premium Lounge


Our iconic tea and biscuits in a whole new experience.

Enjoy morning breakfasts, refreshing beverages, your favourite snacks and so much more with an exquisite touch of class & sophistication. Indulge in taste and luxury with our delightful offerings at our premium outlet.

For More Details: +91 76589 33930 , +91 70934 77238
Café Niloufer

Classic Outlet


Tea lovers’ second home since 2016.

Shaandaar chai, bun maska, delicious cakes and spicy snacks ka chaska. We offer a huge variety of products that fit your taste and cravings. Indulge in our classic offerings and our signature dishes at our classic outlet.

For More Details: +91 78933 45700 , +91 86866 66016