How Our Journey Began

Niloufer Ki Shaandar Chai,
Hyderabad Ki Shaan!

A brand by itself, Niloufer stands for the authentic colours of the City of Nizams. A vision was brought to life by the Tea Legend, Shri. A. Babu Rao in 1978.

With the monumental changes the world has experienced, Cafe Niloufer stands head and shoulders high as the pride of Hyderabad. Keeping the traditional flavours of the Hyderabadi Chai alive for over four decades, Niloufer has grown leaps and bounds creating impeccable milestones along its journey.

Chai or Tea in Hyderabad, represents an emotion. It is widely consumed throughout the day! A special place in the hearts of all Hyderabadis, Chai is beautifully embodied in Hyderabad's culture and lifestyle. Adding feathers to it’s cap, Niloufer has become a beacon of authenticity. Embracing world class baking techniques, Niloufer caters to over 20k plus customers per day.

Top Notch Bakery

Café Niloufer represents the very essence of Hyderabadi culture, being a fundamental part of the ‘teahouse tradition’. If you want to savor the real flavour of Irani Chai over your favorite ‘adda’, you have come to the right place!

With imported machinery, modern production processes, and new additions to the menu like dry fruits, cookies, cakes, and other confectionery delights. We are the favorite of the younger generation while preserving our traditional taste and spirit.

Bonding Over Chai

Our customers adore the ambiance where they can meet and chat at their leisure over beverages and snacks. As the friendships get deeper, the bond with Café Niloufer becomes stronger, just like our chai.

At Café Niloufer, we expand and update our menu for our customers to enjoy a variety of beverages and confectionery during their jolly time. From Different kinds of Tea to Red Velvet Cake, we have added appetizing treats that have caught on with the younger generations.

Niloufer Ki Shaan

Under the leadership of Shri A. Babu Rao, Café Niloufer has gradually gained its popularity and has become a Hyderabadi icon over the years. It has been more than 4 decades since the Cafe has started. He is a real-life visionary, who looks forward to a future that holds new and bright experiences with hope and optimism.

Our chefs who are masters in the art of cooking & baking are our pride. We believe that Café Niloufer is truly the ‘Shaan of Hyderabad!